T3PM Group is an ISO certified professional service provider for the private sector and government. We partner with clients to deliver sound investments and complex projects.

We collaborate with our clients in their growth and transformation by creating high performing teams. Together, we deliver smart infrastructure and services that are in harmony with community needs and expectations.

Our highly experienced staff and associates have successfully delivered large complex projects and programs around the globe. Our leaders embrace world’s best practice to meet and exceed stakeholder and client expectations. Our breadth and depth of experience in industries such as utilities, civil construction, social infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, defence and information systems helps us to bring innovative solutions to your endeavour.

We work as a part of your organisation, supporting you to achieve your goals and objectives, transferring knowledge and implementing change along the way. Our involvement can be high-level or detailed, ongoing or targeted to specific issue areas. Above all, we deliver quality, value and best for project outcomes – on time and on budget – ensuring an unbeatable return on investment.